For example, alcoholics Anonymous programs say that those who still believe they have control over their drinking will drink again. Only when you surrender control will you be on your way how am i powerless over alcohol to mastering step one of the 12 steps. The AA first step, admitting powerlessness and acknowledging the unmanageability your addiction brings, is a crucial leap toward lasting recovery.

powerlessness in aa


Our primary mission is to provide a clear path to a life of healing and restoration. We offer renowned clinical care and have the compassion and professional expertise to guide you toward lasting recovery. The family can become totally controlled by diseased thinking.

I’m In Recovery

Book Jason for speaking engagements, events or appearances and let him bring the message of recovery & hope. When you first join AA, you will introduce yourself and may choose to repeat Step 1 as a way to get started. Acknowledging that you have an alcohol problem shows others and yourself that you are serious about getting help. Concerns over unmet mental health needs are beginning to generate essential conversations within the treatment…

Step 1 of AA: “Powerlessness”, the First of the 12-step Journey

In essence, in Step One AA you’re making a conscious choice to stop lying to yourself. You accept that you can’t continue drinking alcohol or using drugs and that you have absolutely no control when you’re using. You’re also embracing your need to learn what led you to become addicted in the first place, the thoughts and behaviors that fuel your addiction and what you must do to achieve and maintain sobriety. Worldwide, alcoholics, addicts and treatment professionals embraced the Twelve Steps, and more than 35 million copies of AA’s Big Book have been distributed in over 70 languages.

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Powerlessness refers to a lack of control, and it helps you realize that there are things you can do to treat your addiction and create the life you want. Although you can’t change your addiction, you can learn how to live a sober life in recovery. Unmanageability describes how that problem has affected your life.

How Music Therapy & Substance Abuse Recovery Work

While admitting powerlessness over a substance may seem at odds with efforts to hold addicts responsible for their behaviors, the opposite is true. By accepting that you’re powerless over alcohol, drugs or addictive behavior, you’ve come to terms with your personal limitations. The first step of AA says, “We admitted we were powerless over alcohol and that our lives had become unmanageable.” Admitting powerlessness over alcohol is the foundation of your recovery.

  • We have a very large and active community here at
  • This step involves admitting that you have no power in yourself—within your mind and within your body—to overcome alcohol and its hold on you.
  • Feeling powerless makes us believe that there is nothing we can do.
  • I’ll just have one or maybe two; I can drink just one more day then stop, I’ll just smoke marijuana that’s not that bad, or I’ll only drink on the weekends, etc.

For one thing, admitting to the group and verbalizing your lack of control over your alcoholism can solidify this fact in your mind. Read on to learn more about step 1 of the Alcoholics Anonymous program to help individuals struggling with alcoholism in their recovery. Join our supportive sober community where each day becomes a step towards personal growth and lasting positive change. Therefore, lack of control over alcohol use is part of the disease of addiction; it is not that you have a lack of willpower to control your use.

powerlessness in aa

“There is the obsession that somehow, someday, they will beat the game.” (Big Book, Page

How Will AA First Step Help Me Recover From Addiction?

  • Many have said that taking that first step is one of the most difficult things to do.
  • You may continue to make things work and, therefore, be part of the sickness.
  • These meetings may even be part of the programming at inpatient rehab or outpatient programs you attend.
  • Some groups, with the consent of the prospective member, have the AA group secretary sign or initial a slip that has been furnished by the court together with a self-addressed court envelope.

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